March 17, 2009

it's really happening.
i've wondered quite a few times in the past couple of months how many people get to experience this.

love, awakened.

in the fullness of time.

with the person who is, quite simply, the missing puzzle piece. the one that fits perfectly. you don't have to pound the piece in. you don't have to wonder why it seems to fit, but the colors and lines don't match up. it just works, and has that satisfying feel and sound of... well... FITTING.

i don't really see anything in scripture that could really support the idea of there being one and only one person that is The One. this is still a choice.

BUT, i DO find it very suspicious that prayers i prayed ten years ago regarding a mate, and little qualities that i never even mentioned to You over the years (for i thought they were too unimportant to pray for) are now coming to pass and manifest in this man. i have quickly come to the conclusion that i could not imagine someone more right for me. nothing needs to change for this to be right.

and, one of the things that really GETS me about all of this, is the perfect timing of it all. You have been working out issues and character in both of us that, had we met a year ago, it probably would not have worked... or, at least, not nearly as smoothly.

i am so thankful that the foundation of love for Jesus had been laid for both of us separately. now we just build on a foundation already laid.

i am so moved by Your kindness towards me. You are such a good Daddy.


sarah beth said...

that's all i have to say, really.

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Anonymous said...

Its been a year since you've posted anything... Maybe an update is necessary?

jason said...
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