February 24, 2009

my dear readers...
unfortunately, there is simply not enough time in the day for me to catch you up on all of the exciting details of what is already and i believe will continue to be the best story of my life. it isn't for lack of love. it's for lack of time.

hopefully i can give you some fun little tidbits here and there. BUT, i AM writing it all down. just not here. maybe you'll be able to read this fabulous love story in print someday.

what i WILL say right now is that it is all so GOOD. i've never met such an amazing man as i see in Stuart. i've never met anyone, let alone a man, with whom i have so much in common, and yet am so different from in personality. who would have ever thought that i would have found a man who:

1) gets as excited as i do about bourbon chicken at the cajun restaurant in the food court?

2) pledges his undying love for the state of Texas?

3) loves to talk for hours about the seals and trumpet judgments in the book of Revelation?

i mean, seriously. it's perfect.


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say concerning your commonalities for #1 and #2. If that's how you're gonna base a relationship then I say, whatever floats your boat. =)

Jk. Now I'm hungry for Bourbon Chicken...

Now I'm hungry for Ohana...

Want to meet in Iowa for your vacation time and go to Ohana?

Robert & Lisa said...

Hooray for an update. I must see you soon!